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A Photo Laboratory Study of Plant Anatomy

About the authors

Dr. Gerald A. Myers - Jerry.jpg (16 kb) Dr. Gerald A. Myers, Professor Emeritus, Biology/Microbiology Department, South Dakota State University, facilitated the Plant Anatomy course. He received post-doctorate as an adjunct professor of Botany at Ohio State University in 1972 with Dr. R.A. Popham.  He also teamed to develop Computer Managed Instruction software in the Biology Department at OSU, which was later incorporated in the Plant Anatomy course at SDSU.

Carol Wake Dr. Carol Wake, Professor of Biology, teaches online biology and botany for SDSU. She helped edit the student manual used in the preparation of the narrative in this website.

Jennifer Colclazier - Jen.jpg (17 kb) Jennifer Colclazier, a 2005 graduate of Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, S.D., was the first web designer of this website.

Bryce Blocker - Bryceb.jpg Bryce Blocker, Is a web developer and 2012 graduate of Lake Area Technical Institute Watertown, S.D., Updated this website's code and gave it a new look.

♦ The text used in this study is "Anatomy of Seed Plants" by Katherine Esau. The web site was organized according to the text, and the "Plant Anatomy Study Guide and Laboratory Manual", by Drs. Gerald Myers and Carol Wake.

Instructions about the Photo Study Website

When viewing the Photo Units, click the UP link on the left side of the screen (under Home) to go back to the previous Photo Unit. Click Photo Unit XX on the top of the page to go to the NEXT Photo Unit.

This site was developed to serve as a photo study where microscope slides may not be available, or a lab is not part of a course, or to give a plethora of photos from all parts of the plant body to study and interpret. The site identifies most of the anatomical structures found in plants, including several series of photos which demonstrate developmental anatomical structure.

On occasion, the species from which the images were taken is unknown. If you recognize the species, respond on the Contact Us page. If you wish to otherwise communicate with the authors, e-mail Dr. Carol Wake: Carol.Wake@sdstate.edu or send your comments, name, and e-mail address to Dr. Gerald A. Myers on the Contact Us page.

Or, visit our Contact Us page to e-mail your questions and/or comments about this web site.

If quick reference to a photo is desired without going through each unit, or the narrative accompanying the photo, link to the Index of Photos. The photos on this page are broken down into each Photo Unit. From here, visit the Table of Contents page to go to a specific Photo Unit to view the photos.

If a term definition is desired, link to the Glossary of Terms. They are categorized by Photo Unit. After Photo Unit 12, no new terms are introduced.

If anyone using this website has any ideas of modification to make it more useful to the user, please contact me via e-mail. ENJOY!