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ITC E-Mail Password Settings Update

For incoming and outgoing server setting requirements, click here.

Select your version of e-mail client from the list below.
Then follow the steps below to make sure your e-mail password setting is correct.
If you would prefer to work with a technician directly, feel free to contact our Internet helpdesk at 1-888-217-5718. 

Amazon Kindle Apple Mail
Apple iPhone & iPad Microsoft Outlook 2013
Android Mail Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007
Blackberry Mail Microsoft Outlook Express
Windows Phone Mail Windows Live Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird















Apple iPhone & iPad:

1. Select Settings from your iPhone home menu

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Select Add Account...

4. Select Other

5. Select Add Mail Account

6. Substitute the below fields for the correct credentials regarding your email address information.

7. Select IMAP > Refer to the INCOMING / OUTGOING SETTINGS below depending on which system you are on. You need to complete all fields.

• Host Name -
• Username - First Part of your ITC Email Address
• Password - Use Correct Password

• Host Name -
• Username - First Part of your ITC Email Address
• Password - Use Correct Password

8. When attempting to verify you will receive the message "Cannot Connect Using SSL - Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?" Select YES. After 1-2 minutes you will receive the exact same message, Select YES again. After the 2nd time you will get all check marks.

9. Mail should be set to ON and Notes should be set to OFF, Select Save

10. Congratulations you have successfully setup your mailbox to use IMAP on your iPhone.


11. From your iPhone Home Screen, Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Select the Account in Question > Select your Account

12. Under Outgoing Mail Server, Select SMTP

13. Confirm the Primary Server is ON, Select the Primary Server

14. Confirm you've completed the Host Name, User Name, and Password fields. Confirm Use SSL is ON. Change Authentication to PASSWORD. Confirm Server Port is set to 465. Select DONE, Select Account (top left)

16. So you don't take up mailbox space on the mail server you can edit your Mailbox Behaviors so that either Drafts, Sent, or Deleted messages are stored on your iPhone. Select Drafts Mailbox

17. Confirm you have selected Drafts under On My iPhone. Repeat Step #17 and #18 for the Sent Mailbox & Deleted mailbox




Android Mail:

- Open your email account.
- Tap the icon under the clock, then go to Settings.

- Click on your ITC email under Manage accounts:

- Select your email account:

- At the bottom of the screen, select More Settings:

- Next, select Outgoing Settings:

- Verify that Security type is set to SSL and that Port is set to 465.

- Then click Next:

- Next, select the Password field:

- Type in your new password:

- Click OK, then navigate back to your email account.

- Your settings should be complete.




Blackberry Mail:

(Coming Soon)



Windows Phone:

Tap the Settings Icon from the app menu:

Select the email & accounts folder:

Find your ITC account and select it from the list:

Next you need to find the Advanced Settings of your account:

The page will look similar to this. Verify your settings.

Make sure both boxes are checked. Outgoing server requires authentication & Use the same username and password for sending mail.

Next select Advanced Settings:

From this screen, verify that these boxes are checked.

Once you have verified the settings, Save and exit back out to your email.




Amazon Kindle:

1.    Tap the e-mail icon to open the e-mail application.

2.    You will see the Welcome to e-mail setup screen. Tap on the Start button at the bottom of the screen.

3.    This will bring us to the Select E-mail Provider screen. Tap on Other at the bottom of the list.

4.    This will bring us to the enter your username and password. After entering in this information tap next at the bottom of the screen.

5.    Then we will see the account type screen. Tap on the IMAP option.

6.    This will bring us to the Incoming server settings screen. ***We will need to correct the preset settings and make them appear as they are here***

Tap the Next button when you are finished changing the settings.

7.    Next we will see the Outgoing server settings screen as seen below. Again, we will need to make corrections to these settings.
Here is what the outgoing mail server settings screen should look like.

Click the Next button on the bottom after correcting settings.

8.    This will bring us to the Inbox settings screen. Leave the Folder poll frequency setting to Manually as seen below. Then tap the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

9.    This will take us to the Other Setup screen. Type in your name on the top box as you would like it to appear on outgoing messages. Then type in Ruraltel for the account name as seen below. Tap the View your inbox button at the bottom of the screen once you are finished.

10.    Finally, this should take us to your inbox screen that will download any messages pending on the server. The e-mail setup is complete.




Apple Mail:

1. Open Macintosh Mail
2. Click the "File" tab >>> then click "Add Account"



3. Click on the plus sign to create a new account:


4. -Type your name as you want it to appear to your mail recipients
    -Enter your full e-mail address
    -Enter your password.  NOTE: password is case-sensitive


5. -Account Type: POP
    -Enter "" in the next 2 fields
    -Verify that the "User Name" and "Password" fields are correct


6. -Enter "" in the Description and Outgoing Mail Server fields
-You will want to make sure that the Outgoing server port is set to 465
    -Check the boxes labeled "Use only this server" and "Use Authentication"


7. -Click Create

-Your mailbox is now ready to use.


Microsoft Outlook 2013:

- Enter the Account Information area of the email program, then click Add Account

- Next, click the box at the bottom for Manual Setup, then Next:

- On this screen, check the POP or IMAP option, then Next:



Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007:

Click the "Tools" menu, then "E-mail Accounts"

Click "View or change existing e-mail accounts," then click "Next"

- Click the "New" button

- Enter your details in the fields below, make sure the "Manually configure server settings" box is checked, then click Next

- Select Internet E-mail, then Next

- Enter your account information, check the "Remember Password" box, then click "More Settings"

- On this page, click the "Outgoing Server" tab.

- Make sure these two fields are checked, then click the "Advanced" tab

-On this menu, check both the Incoming and Outgoing servers to use SSL

-Enter port 995 for incoming and port 465 for outgoing

-Click OK, then go back to your email account.



Microsoft Outlook Express:

- Within your email, click "Tools", then "Accounts"

- A new window will open displaying your Internet Accounts
- Click on Add and choose Mail

* The Internet Connection Wizard window will pop up

- While navigating thru the next few screens, use the correct settings for your ITC E-mail account:

- Click on Finish and you will go back to Internet Accounts.

- You will need to change your incoming and outgoing settings to use SSL.

- Now select your new email account and click on Properties.

- Click Properties>>Advanced

- For outgoing, check the SSL box and enter 465 into the port field

- For incoming, check the SSL box and enter 995 into the port field

- Then hit Apply and OK in the next screens.

- Click Finish and you're done.




Windows Live Mail:

1. Open Windows Live Mail>>Click on Add Email.

2. Add your information in the required fields>>Check the box to "Manually configure server settings">>Click Next.


3. Enter the same information as shown below (except for the user name field, which will be your email username).

- Make sure that both the incoming and outgoing SSL boxes are checked, with the same Port numbers shown below, then click Next.

4. Your account is now setup and ready for use. Click Finish to navigate back to your email program.




Mozilla Thunderbird:

- Navigate to Tools, then Account Settings

Thunderbird Tools-Accounts

- Select Server Settings

Thunderbird Account Settings

- To change your incoming settings to use SSL, enter port 995 as shown, then check the option titled "SSL"

Thunderbird Server Settings

- Next Click on "Outgoing Server", then select "Edit"
Thunderbird SMTP Settings Edit-button

- Finally, define the port number as 465, and check the option for SSL.
Thunderbird SMTP Settings SSL

- Click OK twice to exit back to your email account


Incoming & Outgoing Server Settings:

Outgoing Server Settings

Server name:

Server encryption:  SSL

Server port:  465

Authentication required


Incoming Server Settings (IMAP)

Server name:

Server encryption:  Optional (SSL on port 993 preferred)

Authentication required